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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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gun shots and then they called 9 911 and also heard loud booms. since then the man has been inside of his home all day long. as police have been trying to communicate with him. back out here live on summer street you can see the swat team trapped there. the blue lights and that crime scene tape. you can see police officers moving in front of the camera with their rifles as this dramatic standoff situation un unfolds right before our eyes. they have been trying to get the man inside of that home to come out moments ago. they either fired gun shots or they fired tear gas canisters afternoon to get the home owner to come out. now earlier we actually did hear and see that homeowner come out. he said i have haven't done anything. leave me alone. go away. police have said they have been trying to get him to come out of that home so a very dramatic situation in everett unfolding. we're going to bring you the very latest as this develops reporting live in everett, kelly o'hara, 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your weather.
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christmas spirit. sunny skies, warm temperatures bringing us some holiday cheer today . >> anchor: so how long will this holiday heat stick around? let's get straight over to bri eggers for more on the forecast . we didn't need today was the actual yule log last night or today because we have the real warmth with us. we made it up to a high of 62 for boston, 60 force worcester. that ties the record from 1964 for worcester but we didn't quite get there. record for boston tore today 65 degrees. current temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. norwood sitting at 51. 54 for worcester currently. so nice enough to still get outside and enjoy this. it's still well above normal for this time of year and the dew points are lower in the 40's tonight that is a big improvement upon yesterday. so i'm not so worried about dense fog tonight but there is a chance that we could get a pass passing shower. mainly along the south coast and here. the bulk of it headed to the south of us but it could just graze southeast mass and the
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through the fact model time line here and maybe even a possible of a shower here and there. full moon tonight, so where you do see the clouds break apart, it will be bright in the sky. christmas full moon hasn't happened since 1977. wouldn't happen again until 2034 2034. mostly cloudy, evening sprinkle, 38 to 46. those are mild temperatures for overnight and tomorrow looks to be the cooler of the two weekend days but still very mild for this time of year and we're expecting overnight showers and also showers as we work into sunday. these are rain showers but look what happens to our temperatures as we kick off next week diving from near 60 on sunday to only the mid 30's for a high as we get into monday and tuesday. looks to be a wintery mess on tap for us and we'll cover that in more detail coming up in few minutes . >> anchor: also on 7, some power problems in brockton after a hit and run this morning. police say a driver crashed an s suv into a pole knocking out power for hundreds of homes. right now all power has been
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passenger. in brockton where crews are kimberly? crews are just cleaning up right now of you can see them over my shoulder more than 12 hours after this crash occurred about 4:30 the last customers got power including this store that was closed for most of the day. removing everything from a store store's freezer was the first order of business for abdullah christmas morning after trying out he had no power. it's the biggest lump of coal for one of the few shops choosing to open and make money on this holiday but fining out it simply can't operate . that's not christmas today. that's what we have. no business. >> anchor: it's all because a car crashed that this pole on brockton's north montel oh street. knocking out power to 300 customers . here is a rate light right here . >> anchor: craig said his whiff alerted him in a panic . the lights are out, the lights are out. i ran around doing things you need to do when lights go out . >> anchor: expecting company
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the kitchen . i had a gauge in there and i look at it and said the food is still safe . >> anchor: many saying the power outage threw them for a loop. if there was snow you expect that and prepare yourself for but it was just unexpected so i was okay . >> anchor: police tell us the two people in the car that can canned the crash ran off, leaving the car behind. crews got most of the power become on in about six hours, delaying some holiday plans but not ruining them all together . police tell us they are still looking for those to suspects and a cause for this crash. reporting live from brockton, kimberly bookman, 7 news . >> anchor: police in shirley are looking for the person who fired a shot near a prison yesterday. the shot led police to lock down m.c.i. shirley all inmates have been accounted for. state police secured the scene and continued to patrol the area looking for any suspects . >> anchor: more news today as we learn more details by adeadly
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shots rang out sending last minute shoppers running for their lives. police say an armed suspect was police officer. and now we're learning the incident was not a random act of violence. a group of subjects who and forth >> anchor: a crowded shopping day turned into chaos after mall. roads were shut down and the mall was evacuated. we don't have any we're getting a lot of information that is an ongoing dispute. two parties beefing back and for the . >> anchor: although police in gear showed up in force, police chief assures us this wasn't an active shooter situation. well, an active shooter by definition was somebody randomly taking shots at the public in general. that was not the case this time . >> anchor: officer thomas ferguson who was working off-duty at the mall heard the show . he responded to the location of the shots. when he got to that location, he
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he confronted the armed subject who according to witnesses and information we're getting point pointed a gun in the direction of the officer. our officer fired his service weapon . >> anchor: the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene and multiple weapons were found. the chief wouldn't say if they are looking for anyone else . no, ma'am. a telling you i gave you all of the facts i have. right now we're still investigating it. that's all i have for you. thank you. >> anchor: the off duty officer who shot the armed man is now on paid administrative leave while police investigate the incident . >> anchor: americans taken hostage in iran in 1979 will be getting a little bit of closure. the budget bill passed by congress last week authorizes even of the 53 hostages to receive 10,000 dollars for each day they were held captive. spouses and children would receive a one time payment. the former hostages were held captive for more then a year this. ewere prevented from suing iran as a condition of their release in 1981 spot birth place of former president bill clinton
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police say a fire break out overnight in damaged the national historic site in arkansas. fire fighters put out the fire as the blames spread to the second floor of the home. investigators suspect it was a case of arson . strong odor of accelerant. there is also some graffiti around the point of initial setting of the fire . >> anchor: the historic site also has extensive smoke and water damage inside. >> anchor: wild weather creat creating a holiday horror for families in the south. at least 14 people have died after several tornados slammed mississippi, arkansas and tennessee. today, many of the survivors are left picking up the pieces and now families are sharing the horrific experience they made it through. this christmas scenes of devastation in pats of south and midwest. heavy rain causing widespread flooding across northern georgia and tornados tearing through several states. started here and real loud
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and louder and i told her, i said we need to get in the house now. it souped literally like a freight train sounding of the horn. it was coming . >> reporter: in ashland all that's left of the home is in the porch. she and her husband were inside when they saw the tornado coming coming. they ran and hid in this truck . nothing left of my house. not one thing. nothing but all of that debris . >> reporter: this building may have saved tony goodwin's life when a tornado hit perry county, tennessee . i had my grandson in my arm under my arm and everybody got in except for my sister-in-law and i'm yelling at her come on. she got in and as soon as she i did shut the door . >> reporter: the tornado knocked its house off the foundation but he and six others survived by taking cover in the storm shelter. you will never know how important it is to seek shelter immediately however you can
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killed in tennessee were a husband and wife according to the storm prediction center at least 14 tornados hit mississippi on wins. but a single twister did most of the damage . this is a miracle. there is no way that three individuals were in this house at this time and they were able to walk away . >> anchor: communities coming together thankful to be alive. i went and bought toys for kids because i also have a little girl and for them not to have christmas and toys and stuff, it's not a holiday . >> reporter: more wet weather is expected throughout that region the country. the national weather service says flash-flooding is possible from now through sunday. >> reporter: u.s. troops celebrating christmas overseas. these men and women enjoying a special holiday meal at a military base in kuwait today. their deputy commanding general of operations was one of many people serving them on christmas day of a gesture to recognize the troops for their service. >> anchor: it's important to go out and immediately soldiers have had to point multiple times during christmas holidays and other holidays.
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their service and really tell them we appreciate what they do for our army and for our nation. the troops were deployed to kuwait to provide support for the fight against isis . >> anchor: president obama sending warm wishes to the troops. it's what the holidays are about. coming to the as one american family to celebrate our bless blessings and the values we hold dear. during this season we also honor all those who defend those values in our country's uniform. every day the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe and so do their families. >> anchor: the president says this weekly address is always his favorite one of the year and the first family wishes everyone across the nation a merry christmas. the first lady also helping bring some christmas cheer. norad is a web site that tracks santa claus. volunteers answer calls and e-mails from kids asking when santa will show up. well, for the six year michelle
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vacation in hawaii . the grinch caught green handed in this holiday themed parody of the tv show cops. dartmouth police posted this spoof just in time for the holidays. it shows officers arresting the grinch for trying to break in a home and steal christmas but it was caught and he couldn't do it it. so it was a hoax. well, to show people not to, oh, . >> anchor: it was funny. i thought it was real for a second . >> anchor: that's what i'm try trying to say. i'm having a hard time communicating. >> anchor: it was a par die . i get it now. coming up on 7 news at 5:00, a holiday heist caught on camera. this areal one i'm man breaks in a hole on christmas eve with a family still inside. >> anchor: then at 5:30 a close call for a family in drawn stone rhode island when their home goes up in flames . >> anchor: just one hour cardinal sean o'malley spreading some holiday cheer to hundreds of people right here in boston . >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news out of everett. swat teams on the scene where
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himself inside a home. we're live there . don't forget if you see something you think needs investigating, you can tell hank our investigative reporter wants to hear your tips. you can call her at 855247 hank or e-mail her at
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>> anchor: a holiday heist in florida on christmas eve.
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man breaking into a home stealing thousands of dollars would the of valuables. police say the home owners were home at the time, but didn't realize they were being robbed . >> anchor: now police are hop hoping to catch the crook before he strikes again. >> anchor: how long was he in the house do you think? at least 30 minutes, 40 minutes . he is talking about the ultimate, unwanted holiday house guest. he took presents, he took electron us, he took jewelry . >> reporter: look at him act acting like he owns the place he casually tours the coconut grieve shipping avenue home christmas eave morning with grab bag in hand and collects valuables and oh yeah, this crucifix wearing crook did this as the man and woman of the . think he you were in the house? i think he did. he avoid the master bedroom doors, he disconnected a camera . >> reporter: the homeowner who
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was an wear anybody was inside until the man had left. when he checked the video, he saw this. that burglar strolling over to where the liquor is kept and hey there, a surveillance camera debts a straight away shot of his mug . when he saw the camera, he looks right into it i guess to see it was on. he didn't realize it was on. disconnected the calm remarks un unplugged it and took it . he also grabbed expensive jewelry upstairs before leaving with an citied $100 grand worth of belongings first he scaled the wall to get to the back door where he used a tool do you remember grinly break in. the cops say this isn't his first rip off rodeo. miami police on tuesday released this security footage of a bearded, long-haired miss chief maker last saturday morning he enters the heteropoll tan condominium garage, gets a soda, uses the water fountain as a urinal then burglarizes or vandalizes more than a dozen vehicles. police tell 7 news this could be the same guy . that video that we provided
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. >> anchor: a thief. and a christmas drag. >> anchor: coming up next a strange call from before. why one woman thinks a stranger on the other line is a little spaced out. still mild weed on tap but we have a couple of shots of getting showers and then maybe even some snow next week. the forecast is coming up next. >> anchor: then at 5:30 break breaking news. reports of shots fired in everett. details on why swat teams rush
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>> anchor: welcome back, everyone of steven tyler staying local for christmas. the marshfield police department posted this picture of the rock star helping people in need this holiday season. tyler and the police chief spent a little time shopping for the food bank. this is rob grokowski, i want to wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays . >> anchor: the new england patriots wishing fans merry christmas and happy holidays. this video ask posted on the teal's facebook page. today rob grokowski and toll brady were feature in the video along with deaf on mccarty and jonathan freeney . >> anchor: didn't they get the day off too? >> anchor: i think they did so hopefully they are getting to spend time with their families like so many of you are hoping to get to do so as well an hope hopefully you got a chance to
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sure didn't feel like christmas this time of career . >> anchor: a little red and gone for christmas look great outside, still looks wonderful although i know that our good luck may be running out soon, bree, with this great weather . >> anchor: you know, it's interesting because i have seen a lot of tweets that day let's keep it this way forever and a lot of people saying where is the snow this we need the snow? new england in the wintertime, we really rely on snow for a lot of business in the area as well. it will come eventually. it still is new england and it still is winter. just doesn't feel like it right now. 57 in boston. southwest. if you haven't had a chance to get outside yet today i highly recommend it. providence, rhode island with a new record today. old record was 63 degrees. worcester tied their record. boston not close to it but still 62 is a high. norwood made it up to 66 waltham made it up to 64. here is a local those records. old record for boston, well, still the record, sorry, 65 in 1889 and 60 degrees for
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so a tie, we don't go down in the record books for anything specific today like we did yesterday. smashing those records, but there is this. only three times since record keeping began as boston ever recorded a high temperature that was 60 degrees or plus. today made the fourth time that has happened with a high of 62. normal high for this time of year, 39 degrees, wow, we were so far beyond that. it was quite impressive. but if you remember last year, we did make it up to 59 as a high last year so maybe this is becoming a new family tradition for you. you have your supper for christmas, you unwrap presents then you head out for a nice walk or two to enjoy the bike. 57 boston, 54 worcester. 51 norwood and it's not as soupy air mass tonight like we had last night. dewpoints in the mid 40's, we can deal with this so if you have a chris pass party to head to tonight you don't have to worry about the friz factor. i won't even break if into my forecast of the part lecloudy sky, but it is sort of hazy,
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still catch some glimpses of that christmas full moon. you can see the showers that are just to the south of us and that is where the bulk of the wet weather stays overnight tonight but we can't rule out the potential for maybe some sprinkles and showers, especially along the south coast that looks to be the most likely place to see some wet weather overnight tonight. then we wait until overnight saturday into sunday for another chance at rain. mostly cloudy tonight, 38 to 46, very mild temperatures. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 47 to 51 so a touch cooler than where we have been but still well above average to the tune of about 10 to even 15 degrees though highs tomorrow right around 50 degrees degrees. we get another boost on sunday but then look at this sharp drop dropoff as we get into monday and tuesday it starts to fell a whole lot more like winter and again those collapses for rain looks more likely for sunday but then we're also watching for tuesday. so running through the time line here, saturday night as i mentioned late in the day overnight hours and then into
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front pushes threw, keep the snow in northern new england but for tuesday that cold air is in place already. you saw that on monday so if that rain sneak in, well, the cold air is still there. then we know what can happen and that is the potential for some snow and even an ice event as we get into tuesday. so we'll watch that very closely for holiday travel, possibly for the morning commute for those of us that are going bank to work next week. a look at the 7 on 7 forecast looking more like winter as we close out the year. >> anchor: a british astronaut space. astronaut tim peek arrived at the international space station last week when he tried making a call back to earth he realized that he had misdialed. he tweeted this message saying i would like to apologize to the lady i just called by mistake by earth? she probably thought it was a joke. >> anchor: what a cool call to get. steve harvey tweeting this picture. he poked fun at himself capping
5:23 pm
easter, ial instead of merry christmas of course. the message clearly intentional. not an error on his part this time. all spiraling from the miss universe contest when he accidently announced the wrong winner last sunday. harvey took to the stage, he apologized for his mistake and then crowned the rye contestant despite the any take he will likely return to host the pageant again next year . >> anchor: always good if you can laugh at yourself . >> anchor: don't take yourself too seriously. own up to your mistake. ahead at 5:30 a true gift of life. how one postal worker helped a woman make it through a very difficult time. >> anchor: then we continue to follow this breaking news for you. reports of shots fired in everett. swat teams responding to an intense encounter. we are live on the scene and
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>> anchor: there is another 60 minutes of 7 news straight ahead ahead.
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thompson, i am elizabeth noreika noreika. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news at 5 5:30. everett police with guns drawn on christmas in a standoff after witnesses heard an explosion . >> anchor: a fierce fire swallows a rhode island home forcing families on to the street on christmas day . >> anchor: a postal worker delivering a christmas miracle to a man in need of a kidney . >> anchor: and before you power you your new gadget, how you can protect yourself against hackers targeting your tech gifts. >> anchor: we start here at 5 5:30 with breaking news. in everett a dramatic, tense standoff still unfolding as we speak. witnesses telling police they heard gun shots, once officers got to the scene a man ran into his home. he hasn't come out since. officers have been talking with the man over a loudspeaker even fired tear gas into the home and if we are getting updates from our crew here we'll bring them live to you on 7 news .
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